Toilet revolution



Clean planet program


 A Toilet Revolution is coming to public bathrooms in India..

wash -water,sanitation,hygiene,Many in India defecate in the open.Public toilets are filthy stinks .People won't prefer to use.Narendra Modi bring vision of toilets before temples.India leads the world in open defecation.This crises contributes to disease,voilence against women.More people in India has more mobile phones tha toilets.


Inspired by Jack Sim according to him we should measure our gracinous according to the cleaniness of our public toilets.It is a threat to the reputation of the country's tourism industry.Need to revamp and. upgrade bathroom facilities and poor etiquette of locals remains a hurdle.There should be fine  for behaving badly in public toilets. We have got untrained,unskilled toilet cleaners and also we dont't have a vision

We need a polio like campaign where workers so door to door to convince public to accept 
the vaccines so there is need for to build a grassroots workforce to educate people about 
importance of using toilets.InIndia there are two extremes either pucca structures very expensive to construct and maintain or no structure at all.To convince people there is a 
need for middle alternatives which are less expensive.So like green revolution,white revolution there is need for toilet revolution.

Many existing toilets just holes in the ground,causing untreated human waste to overflow and contaminate drinking sources,especially during monsoon.At a rough we require 100 million toilets in India.We need to work like scavengers to encourage people to clean their surrounding.

Last month i visited to remote village mawlynnong  known as magical paradise cleanest village in 
sia.I was stumped toilets were really clean.If they can do why not other Indians.So lets 

make our country a magical paradise.Many clean India missions not effective in 
India.Govt. take intiate the project but people should take the responsibilities to make 
swacch Bharat Abhiyan a great Success.A step towards this is toilet revolution